What is Garb Age?

Garb Age is not a brand. It's a nihilistic manifesto woven into a patch. You wear it on your backpack, jacket, or jeans until you are slowly cured of your addiction to the rule of law.

And when you've awoken, you see that we all live in the Garb Age.

The Garb Age Story

Garb Age was born yesterday.

Garb Age is named for our thrift store culture, a generation digging in the bargain bin of our elders, propping up and worshipping the ephemera of a time past.

We had the opportunity to define ourselves. Instead, our movies are remakes. Our songs are remakes. Our politics are remakes.

Our lives are remakes.

Previous Garb Age Collection Behind-the-Scenes

Director Mike Rogers - BTS Orphans Singapore from Ugly Duckling Projects on Vimeo.

The Vision

When Lukelle DeVore founded the Garb Age, he had a singular vision: to blur the line of morality in the name of profit.

To this day, Garb Age stands by those values: "Our products are made far away by people you don't have to think about".

That is our guarantee to you.